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We are a manufacturer of steel structures, steel components, machinery and parts for industrial machinery. We also do stainless steel and aluminum welding.

For years, we have been fulfilling orders for black steel structures with a maximum element weight of 5 tons.

Our specialty is the design, fabrication, processing and installation of elevator shaft steel structures in accordance with customer requirements and all standards for steel structure production and safety.

We manufacture elevator shafts:
– welded in one or more sections mounted to the outside of buildings up to 24 m in height
– welded in parts to enable elevator shaft installation in hard-to-reach places and without the use of heavy equipment
– bent in sections to allow installation inside or outside the building
– individually designed for installation inside existing buildings using existing walls and ceilings

We have a qualified, experienced staff, so we are able to efficiently carry out almost any individual order for steel structures of varying degrees of complexity for the industry, construction or metallurgy.

We approach each order individually and provide professional assistance and adapt to the needs of the client.

Thanks to the execution of numerous and varied steel construction projects over the years, we have developed an efficient production process for steel structures at our plant located in Bialystok.

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