Stell structures

We are a rapidly growing company, a manufacturer of steel structures locally and nationally. We keep gaining recognition on the market. We carry out projects of varying size and complexity, from small domestic structures to industry elements, including heavy industry.

We manufacture steel structures tailored to the individual requirements and needs of our clients. The high quality of our constructions is confirmed by our PN-EN 1090-2 certificate in EXC3 class and PN-EN ISO 3834-2 certificate.

In the course of our operations, we have carried out orders from various entities, including state institutions, large international companies and small private customers.

Wyroby TEPRO

Lift sub-assemblies and components

Since its foundation, Technic Project has operated as a supplier of steel lift shaft structures and essential lift components to local lift companies.

 We carry out continuous production of passenger and goods lift sub-assemblies and components. 

TP has also successfully carried out several projects for the construction and installation of passenger lifts as a general contractor. These include external passenger lifts added to existing buildings and internal lifts installed in steel lift shafts of our own design.


Welding services

Thanks to the combination of the work of qualified and experienced welders and high quality equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers, we are in the position to guarantee the highest quality of our services. Our welding processes are certified in accordance with PN-EN 1090-2 in EXC3 class and PN-EN ISO 3834-2. During production processes, we use CAD software and equipment from manufacturers such as Kemppi, Migatronic and MTP.

Production of machinery and parts

We have our own machinery park and our workforce is qualified. Moreover, we work closely with many companies in the manufacturing industry, which means that we are able to meet the requirements of every client and take on a wide variety of projects. Thanks to computer-aided modelling (CAD), we are able to design any device or individual part from scratch or based on client documentation.

Wyroby TEPRO

CAD design and technical documentation

To meet the expectations and requirements of the market, as a young but experienced team we offer competitive prices and full professionalism when carrying out orders.

Wyroby TEPRO

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