Technic Project Sp. z o. o. company has successfully passed the certification process and obtained certificates confirming compliance with EN-PN 1090-2 to EXC3 class and EN-ISO 3834-2, which proves the high quality of manufactured products. By obtaining the above-mentioned certificates, Technic Project is a supplier of steel elements used in construction, steel structures and can mark its products with the CE mark. During production processes, we use CAD software and devices from manufacturers such as Kemppi, Migatronic, MTP

Implementing the production process:
– we develop the executive and workshop design according to the customer’s needs in accordance with all standards
– then we create WPS welding technological instruction and WPQR welding technology recognition protocol
– after acceptance of the project by the customer we proceed to the implementation of the task: cutting materials to size, burning, machining, welding, cleaning the structure and anti-corrosion protection
– our structures undergo quality control to ensure that they meet the design assumptions, for this purpose we cooperate with the NDT Testing Laboratory
– we prepare as-built documentation for each structure.


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